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About Us

About Us

Thanks to Almighty Allah that he has still blessed us to serve our patrons with the same spirit and enthusiasm what we had at the time of launching MINHAS CORPORATION.

In maintaining the quality of services provided to the customers, I am also thankful to my colleagues and staff who are not only well trained and experienced in their jobs but also possess service oriented
nature. I am determined to provide best available products at the most competitive rates without any compromise on service and quality.

Trust of the customers is our asset which we would never want to lose at any cost as it has always given
a boost to our business right from the beginning of the corporation.

May God help us in maintaining the spirit.

Our Vision

Minhas Corporation’s long-term goal is to  becoming the leading supplier in their region, emphasizing the customer’s ability to build their dreams with confidence.

Our Mission

Minhas Corporation’s mission is to  deliver product quality, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and fostering a collaborative environment that empowers their customers.

Meet our team

Meet the passionate minds behind Minhas Corporation!

Mr. Abrar

Founder and CEO

Mr. Hammad

Director Ceramics, Marble and Granite


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